The Revolution Begins at Home

photo credit to Jenny Lindsey, a great friend and exceptional photographer //

In my 20 years of philanthropic endeavors, I’ve certainly been guilty of “fighting for peace”. But after many years of deliberate studies lifestyle transformations, I’ve awakened to the irony of that tactic.

Why do I gravitate towards fighting? I suppose it’s in my blood. But I also know it’s mostly just because I care so deeply about human beings and this planet we call home.

I have a deep reverence and appreciation for the opportunity of our planetary existence. I am awed by it.

As a philanthropist, I believe it’s my responsibility to dive deeper into science, consciousness, anthropology, politics, strategy, economics and a multitude of social studies.

Along that path, I believe I’ve evolved as a human. And by evolution, I refer to a process of shedding attachment to the past, learning to “flow like water” and growing closer to personifying love.

I want my life to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

What I want is less fighting, not more of it. I don’t want to amplify anger or hostility from my being, or my platform. I want to be, and amplify love in all of my being. And that includes my writing and other creative endeavors.

I believe our experiences develop our perspective, and our perspective is the root of what we believe to be truth. It serves as our operating system.

If I truly want to contribute to peace, it seems logical to focus on the root of what influences people’s worldview and lifestyle most. I want to imbue their perspective with a desire to personify love.

So I’ve been thinking on that for a while.

Ultimately, I’ve resolved that the revolution I seek, begins with my self, my thoughts and my lifestyle. Beyond that, my first priority is to lead my family along the same path, and to do so through my example, not my rules.

What if everyone’s greatest priority was to journey towards love and to inspire their children and others they influence to do the same? Imagine the impact that could have over time.

Rather than fighting the destructive symptoms of fear (distance from love), we could begin to reap the benefits of a society rooted in interconnectedness and love.

Is that so far fetched of an idea? Does it seem any less viable than “fighting for peace”? Because that’s what we’ve been doing for centuries. Perhaps it’s time for a shift in tactics.

I believe my role as a human, and certainly as a philanthropist, is to personify love, and then amplify it through my life in a way that inspires others to do the same.

The Quakers say, “Let your life speak”, which translates to, “Let the highest truths and values guide everything you do.”

I want my life to speak of my commitment to becoming love. My greatest philanthropic opportunity is to inspire my children to do the same, and to allow my marriage to be my greatest opportunity to fulfill my mission to exude love, no matter the circumstances.

My family is my greatest mission.

Beyond that, I want my life and my philanthropic endeavors to inspire and equip others to adopt a similar mission for themselves and their family. I truly believe this is our greatest and most effective path a peaceful society.

This is the revolution I want to be part of. And I hope to see you there.

As a testament to our resolve to personifying love, Ilea and I are happy to announce the launch of Love Like Water, our YouTube channel for hosting “authentic discussions about love and freedom”. I hope you’ll join us there!

Strategist & Philanthropist | Space + Environment + Indigenous Wisdom

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